Our historic building is located near the downtown area of Guelph, Ontario. We offer three different styles of church services on Sundays as well as a variety of other social and spiritual gatherings throughout the week. We are pleased to have our building used for so many events and gatherings both church focused and for general community enjoyment.

Children are welcome at all services. We’ve had visitors comment on how inspiring and joyful our worship is. We tend to progressive theology based on practice rather than belief. That allows us to be one household of faith; diverse but intentional about how we follow the way of Christ.

Service Styles and Times

We have many opportunities for worship at Matt and Jimmy’s place.

There is a traditional service from the Book of Common Prayer every Wednesday morning at 9:30 am with a healing service on the first Wednesday of the month. During Lent, there is also Vespers after the study group at 7 pm.

On Sundays:

  • At 8:00 am there is a Holy Eucharist from the Book of Common Prayer.
  • At 9:15 am there is an informal service of  Holy Eucharist with a children’s program. The music is provided by our band. The music director, Owen Bloomfield, would love to talk to you if you are a singer or an instrumentalist. Often the reflection is interactive.
  • At 11:00 am there is a more formal celebration of the Holy Eucharist with our magnificent organ and our organist of many decades, Mr. Robert Foote, and robed choir. This service may be from the Book of Alternative Services or more contemporary liturgy. New choir members are welcomed.
  • Everyone, regardless of age or religious affiliation, is welcome at the altar to receive the bread and wine or a blessing. If you are there, then you are already a guest at the table with Jesus, who encourages all of us in friendship and faith.