What to Expect When you Visit

The Basics

A recent newcomer noted that we are always eating! You might expect a snack after church or a breakfast with the high school students on a week day. There is room for everyone in worship, at the communion rail, in the hall.

If you are new to the Anglican Church, let the greeter know and they will help you to feel at home with us. If you are church hunting, ask to speak to one of the clergy. If you are a visitor, please feel at home.

At the time of communion, all people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to receive the bread and the wine.

A typical church service lasts about one hour. Your children are welcome at all services. There is a children’s area at the front. Children’s programs happen at 9:15 but we delight in them at all services.

More Details

Visiting any place for the first time can feel a bit uncomfortable, so here are some things about our community to help you feel more at home and settle in quickly. Click on the link below to jump to a specific section.

We Are an Inclusive Community

We welcome you.

Whether you’re of a different faith tradition or none at all we joyfully welcome everyone. This is a safe place for all people to worship regardless of race, creed, age, cultural background or sexual orientation. We are a non-doctrinal group of people who are living our lives and discovering what we believe; modelling our lives in the way of Jesus.

Variety for Sunday Services

As unique individuals there are so many different ways that each of us are ‘spiritually’ nourished. We offer three different times and styles of worship on Sunday mornings.

Our 8:00 am service tends to be quiet and reflective. If you’re looking for a more informal family focus then our 9:15 am contemporary service may suit your style. It is designed as inter-generational with children present in the service. Music is supplied by the band and the sermon is often interactive. At 11:00am there is a choral Eucharist where you can hear our magnificent organ. The liturgy is usually contemporary and sometimes from the Book of Alternative Services.

Common to all services is the intention to prepare ourselves for the work of social transformation, compassion and justice. The Church of the Apostles (St. James & St. Matthias) is hospitable and inclusive. All are welcome to participate and to receive communion.

Get more details about our service styles and times.

When You Come


When you arrive, one of our greeters will welcome you. Be sure to let them know if you have any questions about the service. Services are mostly made up of some singing, some listening and reflection, and some prayer. There are some beautiful rituals (including the Eucharist, also known as Communion) which we hope you’ll find meaningful, whether you take part or just observe.

Every Stage & Style of Faith

If you’re new to faith, spirituality, belief or whatever other name you may relate to, you’re just what we need. We aspire to live out a ‘real’ faith that isn’t bogged down by rules and dogma. We look forward to trying new things by welcoming old traditions and new practices.

It may seem like every knows what to say and when, but really, we hope that a real faith trumps tradition and we can spice things up just like Jesus did.

Feel free to talk to our greeters with your questions and comments about our services, and don’t feel like you need to take part in the complete service. Sometimes a worship service can be time to be surrounded by the words and music to invoke a personal time with God.


Kids & Youth at our Services

minister and kids sitting at church alterChildren at Ash Wednesday service

We love the sound of children among us. We offer a child-focused activity during the liturgy of the word most Sundays.

Your children are welcome at all services. There is a children’s area at the front. Children’s programs happen at 9:15 but we delight in them at all services.

And if you’re concerned that your kids will make too much noise, don’t worry! We’re good with kids squiggling, squirming and making some noise.