Volunteer Opportunities Within Our Church

Join the collective of people that help our church in various ways. Whether you have gifts and skills that fit the below positions or just want to be that helping hand, we’ve got room for you!

Contact us if you’re interested in a specific opportunity noted below or if you’re happy to help out in any area.


Helping With the Refugee Family we are Sponsoring

Mary and Joseph Koroma fled Sierra Leone and met as refugees in Israel where they were married and began their family, Isaac Blessing (7 years of age) and Joseph (4 years of age.)  A sign-up sheet has been placed on the lower level of the divider in the parish hall. There are leader and member roles so please consider how  you would like to help. Laurie Douglas and Mary Mitcell have resources to help with each of these tasks.

Laurie may be contacted at 519-837-6847, new_gardensong@hotmail.com and Mary at 519-836-3767, mitchellmary@sympatico.ca.

You may choose from the following volunteer opportunities:
X Child Care
X Collections/Moving
X Communication
X Transportation
X Fundraising
X Language/ESL
X Settlement & Orientation
X Phone & Information Technology
X Transportation of Furniture

Pastoral Care

  • Worship Coordinator to keep dates, volunteers, and the priest organized for retirement homes; to maintain a rotation of home communion visits.
  • Visitor willing to be trained for regular visiting in people’s homes in order to maintain connections and to ease loneliness.
  • Supports of worship services.

Art & Worship

  • Upkeep of brass, silver, linen;changing liturgical colours& banners; setting up for services.
  • Imagine and create seasonal ambience by decoration and design.

Worship Team


  • People interested in being readers, lay assistants, servers, chalice bearers (robed or from the congregation.)
  • Choir members for both 9:15 and 11:00 am services; instrumentalists for 9:15.
  • Greeters who will intentionally welcome and set new people at ease without having to also be  sidespeople.

Property Management

  •  Committee to oversee and organize teams to maintain the interior of the physical plant. This will require a coordinator with a committee of planning and workers.
  • Garden Committee: to add numbers and  strength to the present committee.
  • Sign coordinators (2) who will make sure the external signs are updated and interesting.

Volunteer Management Coordinators

  • To maintain our volunteer database with  regard to job descriptions, and safe church practices.
  • Make sure there are waivers for photos, etc. – Term of commitment: 2 years renewable.

Public Relations

  • Official parish photographers who will record events and people.
  • People willing to add to the present website committee.