Transforming Community

High School Breakfast Club

In close cooperation with GCVI school administration, the Breakfast Club provides nutritious breakfast options five days a week during the school year. Regardless of the reason for attendance, the students find a friendly, welcoming environment with adult and university student volunteers. They learn healthy eating habits; feel cared for and encouraged, be a responsible part of a peer social group and ready to start the day positively.

This is a Mattjam community outreach project serving students of Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI). Founded in 1999 by parishioner Vicki Gojanovich, it is staffed and managed by volunteers, operating in partnership with the Breakfast for Learning program through The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington and the administration staff of GCVI.

There is a steering committee, consisting of the Principal of GCVI, St James coordinators (Grace and Mark Evans) of the Breakfast Club and two members of the administration staff at GCVI.



Several volunteers from St. James & St. Matthias have served in this rewarding project since its inception and are usually joined by University of Guelph nutrition program students on scheduled days of the week.

There is a steering committee, consisting of the Principal of GCVI, St. James & St. Matthias coordinators (Grace and Mark Evans) of the Breakfast Club, and two members of the administration staff at GCVI.

Volunteers are needed to join the Breakfast Club team for one morning each week either as a regular or substitute. Typically, we need two people each day from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. to set up and clear up and connect with the students. More information is available by contacting Grace and Mark Evans at

Living Better on Less

Our health and home, our environment and our finances.


Yes, it is! 

We all need to live on less of our own and the worlds resources. Through the Living Better on Less Program you will eat better, avoid toxic household products, pollute less and put your finances in order. The program consists of 8 interactive units that explore ways to Live Better on Less as part of a weekly group or through a Personal Guide for those that are unable to join a group.

The goal of Living Better on Less is to learn how to live a healthy simpler life by consuming less, saving money and treading softly on the earth.

You can register for a Living Better on Less program or purchase the Living Better on Less Personal Guide by calling 519-837-1061 or online at You can also go to to download the Facilitator’s Guide to access course registrations and other useful information about Living Better on Less.