The Green Team

St. Francis has been the model for much of our life. We are intentional about greening our church and grounds. The Environment and Social Justice Team was formed in response to Bishop Michael Bird and the Diocese of Niagara creating the “Greening of Niagara Committee”. As the work has expanded in task and focus, we have recreated it as two new working groups. The environmental group will continue to work on greening of our property and grounds, but it will also focus on initiatives beyond the parish.

The other group is the Social Justice working group, whose primary purpose is educational and supportive to other groups working within the local region, as well as our Christian partners, Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund and KAIROS.

You are welcome to become part of either of these groups that are newly forming, by contacting the church office (519-822-1061, We will forward your name to the organizers.

Statue of St. Francis at the Church of St. Matthias and St. James
Our St. Francis statue displayed in the Nave

Book and Magazine Program

We continue to collect books and magazines for inmates at four detention centres in and around Toronto. Paperback books and magazines without staples are greatfully accepted. There is a special need for items in languages other than English, materials with pictures and photographs, trades, parenting, and self-help material.The Vanier Centre also welcomes children’s books for a program in which inmates video themselves reading and then send the book and video to their children. Leave materials on the shelf under the food drive bin in the parish hall. Questions to Mary Ann Robinson at