Join In

There are many opportunities to become involved in the life of the parish including…….. 

Gardening Working Group

The Gardening Working Group plants, weed and waters the Memorial Garden in season. We begin with a picnic and plant day in the spring and continue through until October. There is also a committee that meets from time to time to plan fundraising activities, and to make sure the memorial Garden book and plaque are up to date.

Prayer Shawl Group

 We have been meeting now for about 9 years. We started out as a small group of 6 but now have 12 or 13 regular members. We are lucky to have three men as members.  We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 1:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall. Many of our members attend the 9:30 a.m. church service followed by coffee  and lunch if you can, at various restaurants, followed by a gathering in the Parish Hall at 1:00.

Our group has donated their time, talent, usually their own yarn or yarn donated, to produce prayer shawls, lap blankets, pet blankets, leprosy bandages, hats, mitts, scarves, baby layettes and baby blankets. These items have been donated to parishioners, their family members, friends, Michael House, Senior Homes, The Humane Society and the Breakfast Club. Prayer Shawls from our group have been sent to England, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Michigan to name just a few places.
We are a group of women and men who share quality time together over lunch , and as we work. We laugh together, we rejoice during the happy times, we pray for and worry together when illness of loved ones or pets are affected, we cry together and support one another when loved ones pass away.

We welcome men or women who would like to share a couple of hours together in a ministry that benefits the givers and receivers in ways we may never know. I encourage you to consider joining us.

For more information contact: Adele Fletcher 519-843-4504;


Quilting has a long tradition at our church.  The quilters were one of the earliest, if not the earliest of the church groups, dating back over 100 years.  This tradition is continued today by a group of dedicated women who meet weekly in the church hall to share their talents and expertise, and to provide each other with friendship and support.  As one of our members once commented: “It’s cheaper than a psychiatrist”.
The group accepts assignments to hand-quilt tops, many of which were lovingly pieced by parents or grandparents, and thus are destined to become family treasures.  Some are more modern creations, and one in particular, was an exhibit quilt made up entirely of denim jeans.  This was particularly challenging, as quilting needles were set aside in favour of bodkins.  Monies generated by our efforts are used towards funding various projects within the church.

The Quilters meet in the church hall each Monday afternoons year ‘round, from 1 to 3 p.m.

For more information contact Eileen Johnson (, 519-821-0246 ) or Mary Ann Robinson (, 519-836-4487.)