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The atmosphere, the earth, the water and the water cycle – those things are good gifts. The ecosystems, the ecosphere,
those are good gifts. We have to regard them as gifts because we couldn’t make them. We have to regard them as good gifts
because we couldn’t live without them.~Wendell Berry


                                   Less Plastic for Lent!
Anglicans have long been concerned with environmental issues. The Anglican Communion states that the fifth mark of mission is ‘ to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the earth’. The Anglican Church of Southern Africa’s Environmental Network (ACSA-EN) aims to support churches and Dioceses to fulfill God’s call to be Earthkeepers and to care for Creation. For a Lenten plan to reduce your use of plastic, click on Less-plastic-for-Lent.

Living Lent is about recognising that changing our climate is not just an activity, but a lifestyle. That’s why this Lent, you are invited to become part of a community who will respond to the call to climate action by making significant personal commitments to changing our lifestyles for the climate. As the Living Lent community, we will share in this together, encouraging and challenging one another as we journey through Lent.



                           We Come to Contemplation
(from Radical Amazement: Contemplative Lessons from Black Holes, Supernovas, and Other Wonders of the Universe by Judy Cannato)

Imagine that you are the universe. See that everything within you is connected, every star and galaxy every black hole, all the dark energy and dark matter: Look at the solar system within you, see planet Earth and all her beauty, from her mountains and seas and rivers and forests to each creature that makes their home here…Absorb the reality that everything is connected, that in this vast Mystery all is one — and this vast Mystery resides in you… Allow yourself to be swept up in awe….



March 24 & 31 – 8:00 am Said BCP Eucharist, 9:15 Contemporary Family Eucharist; 11:00 Choral Eucharist

Incense will be used at the 11:00 service on March 24 and on April 14.

For the most recent announcements click on March17-cover

Bishop Susan Bell is inviting the people of our diocese to try out at least ‘one thing’ that will help us grow as disciples of Christ between now and our synod in November.
Your ‘one thing’ may be a commitment to read a spiritually inspiring book, learn a new spiritual practice, attend a silent retreat, or launch a parish-wide program. Whatever you choose, the bishop hopes it will be a practice that is new for you, and something that is spiritually invigorating.Learn more here:

Primates World Relief & Development Fund – Our Lenten Journey through the Waters of Baptism, provides an opportunity to pray, act and give while deepening your understanding of the work of PWRDF and partners. Written by the Venerable Charlene Taylor of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, the reflections will be available as a single downloadable PDF or as daily devotionals in your inbox. Go to Sign Up to Receive Daily Lent Reflections.

Living Lent Daily from Loyola Press – Lent presents a wonderful time to reflect on themes of mercy, and this year’s Living Lent Daily aims to help. This e-mail series delivers daily reflections based on the Scriptures of Lent, drawing out lessons of mercy. Go to Sign Up for Living Lent Daily.

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    Jesus came down from the mountain, but often we wish he had stayed there, remote, beyond human understanding or imitation. It is much easier to deal with statues or paintings than the persistent call of Jesus to follow him in and out of the desert, in and out of favour, in and out of  safety. […]
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